How It Started & How It’s Going

Hi, my name is Kristen. I grew up in a very small town called Cherry Valley, New York. As a kid, I thrived in all things related to art, music and sports. I went to college on a track scholarship and studied photography. I was a heptathlete at San Diego State and graduated with an art degree.

Upon graduation, I was working as a strength coach. I opened a kettlebell gym called KOR Strength and Conditioning, which I ran for 9 years. During that time, I also created a sports brand called VIKN Performance.

I continued to walk the line between art and sports. I studied branding and found a passion for photography and design. In 2021, I went all on photography and started what is now called, Karhio Creative.

With my years of experience as a multiple business owner in the fitness industry, I now offer my skills as a creative director and brand photographer for other businesses – with an emphasis on sports, events, lifestyle and products.

I enjoy collaborating with busy entrepreneurs and brands of all sizes. With eye-catching photography and authentic branding, I look forward to helping businesses grow and strive to build long-term relationships with like-minded clients.